At Omise, we envision a world of ‘payment for everyone’. We believe our mission to provide people with access to payment fosters financial inclusion, fairness and economic growth.
To achieve our mission, we are building a world leading set of financial products and tools to provide faster, fairer and safer transactions. Omise is bridging legacy financial systems and innovative technologies to bring accessibility and availability of financial opportunities to the forefront.


Omise began as an eCommerce platform in 2013. However, the company struggled to find a suitable, user-friendly payment platform for the business. With this challenge, we quickly realized that we weren’t the only business facing this issue. In 2014, we decided to pivot our business into payments. Today, Omise (Payment Gateway) is driven by their mission of ’online payment for everyone’ and the belief that payment should be accessible to anyone as it plays a vital role in driving the digital economy. While online payment is a major part of the financial landscape, it is one of many moving parts. By 2015, we were ready to push the boundaries of financial accessibility further as the technology to support our vision was in development. This led to the formation of Omise Holdings in 2015. As the parent company of Omise (Payment Gateway), we expanded our financial technology business, forming a new company, OmiseGO. The former is building an open financial platform on the blockchain and the latter is a crypto exchange. The subsidiaries that are managed by Omise Holdings form the new standard of an open finance ecosystem. Together, these businesses are addressing barriers to financial services and economic growth faced by millions of people around the world. Together, the aim is to provide financial sovereignty for all. Bridging legacy financial systems and innovative technologies, Omise Holdings is transforming the way the world conducts payments.


Jun Hasegawa
Group CEO, Chairman
Ezra Don Harinsut
CEO, Omise Payment
Vansa Chatikavanij
CEO, OmiseGO
Stephen McNamara
EVP Strategy
Luke Cheng
Group CFO
Ryoko Nagano
Head, Business Intelligence
Jitthip Suthammanuwat
Chief of Staff
Petra Klerken
Director, People Operations
Malisa Santigul
Communications Manager