What is Omise Holdings?

Omise Holdings is the parent company of Omise (Payment Gateway) and OmiseGO.

When was Omise Holdings established?

Omise Holdings was established in 2015.

Who is the CEO of Omise Holdings?

Jun Hasegawa is the Group CEO. Prior to assuming his role as Group CEO, Jun was the CEO of Omise (Payment Gateway) and OmiseGO. Jun is also the Founder of Omise (Payment Gateway) and OmiseGO.

What are the responsibilities of Omise Holdings as a holding company?

Omise Holdings fundraises on behalf of subsidiaries and provides strategic advice and support to its subsidiaries.

What are the shared attributes of each company under Omise Holdings?

The subsidiaries share a common goal to provide faster, fairer and safer access to open financial services. Each subsidiary tackles that goal in their own unique way, while sharing a commitment to honest, transparent and customer-focused work.

What are Omise Holdings’ core values and culture?

We believe that our employees (Omisians) make our culture and that our culture reflects the values we cherish.

  • Tenacity and resilience: We aim high and we don’t compromise. To find solutions, we don’t rely on precedent and experience alone. We need tenacity and resilience. We encourage Omisians to try, fail and try again. This way, we stay on top of our game and face new challenges enthusiastically.
  • Trust: As a financial services provider, we are trusted by thousands of merchants, partners and customers worldwide. They have confidence in our ability to safely handle their payment acceptance, to operate the OmiseGO Network, and to provide fair pricing at our exchange. We in turn trust Omisians to be dedicated, transparent and committed to our shared goals.
  • Ownership: As individuals, Omisians take ownership of their responsibilities, take initiative and follow-through. While we are strong as individuals, Omisians understand that together, we can achieve more. 

Whom do I contact for sponsorships or charitable donations? 

At the moment, Omise Holdings does not provide sponsorships or charitable donations.

Whom do I contact to request for an interview or speaker at an event? 

Please fill out the speaker request form.

How do I apply for a job?

Please visit the careers page of each subsidiary’s website.